A Full Lifecycle Engagement Service

We help build teams for all phases of a Product's Lifecycle. 

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 Application Architecture 

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 UI Design

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 Multi-platform Mobile & Software Development 

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 API & Server Development

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 Testing, Quality Assurance

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 Deployment, Release Management, Program Management

nearshore application maintenance

 Application Maintenance 

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 End User Support

We Believe in Building Long-Lasting Relationships Based on Trust

We know that the most lasting relationships are built on Trust and Mutual Respect.

Working with us and our eTaaS services in the same time zone is your next step in the software partnership strategy.

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“You guys are the best vendors I’ve ever worked with.” – Justin Bouldin, CTO of Community TechKnowledge


“A tireless advocate of Titanium and mobile development.” – Gamiel Gran, VP Business Develoment of Appcelerator

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“Your team has been instrumental to my group's success, I want to make sure it continues like that.” – D.A., Client in California

iTexico - Your North American Delivery Partner

You can have all the benefits of scaleable extended teams without long-term commitment.

We build the complete team and manage it for you: Project Manager, Analysts, Developers and QA folks. You use what you need for the time you need it.

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Experienced Leadership

The Management Team at iTexico has a combined 50 years of experience, running IT Services companies in the USA, Mexico & India.

nearshore engagement models

Flexible Engagement Models

Our innovative Extended Team as a Service (eTaaS)TM model allows you to build the team you need.

Scale your teams up or down to meet your financial needs.  We understand that all projects need a mix of resources based on their place in the lifecycle. 

nearshore recruitment

Strict Hiring Process

All our employees go through a rigorous selection process, which checks for technical competency, communication skills, personality fit, and attitude. 

We quickly adapt to you and your project by having a full infrastructure ready for mobile, backend, quality assurance or user experience design.

nearshore training 

On-Going Training

Employee development and continuous training are the key to maintaining an edge in today's fast changing technology landscape.

Our employees have access to Agile training, Mobile Development & Communication training.  We can accommodate any training requirements you may need.

Why a Delivery Center in Mexico Makes Sense!

Face it, software outsourcing is difficult. Interacting with teams many timezones away makes collaboration tough. Additionally, there is minimal oversight and little transparency when dealing with vendors who are far away. Various countries, like India, also have destabilizingly high turnover among employees, often leading to unpredictable teams, missed schedules & unplanned cost increases.

Nearshoring in Guadalajara, Mexico, with iTexico offers many advantages, keeping alive the promised benefits of software outsourcing.

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Responsive & Agile Teams

Our offices in Guadalajara are in the Central timezone.  This means that all stakeholders, from management to IT & Support teams as well as End Users, can all collaborate in real time. 

Team Building

Being a mere 3-hour flight from Texas, or Silicon Valley, means your local team & your Guadalajara team can easily travel for more face-to-face interactions.  This builds trust and a sense of camaraderie in the teams.  Many of our clients invite their teams to spend a week onsite & vice versa.

Minimal Travel Restrictions

Thanks to NAFTA, Professionals from Mexico have only minimal hurdles to clear when visiting your offices for extended periods of time.   

Legal and IP Protection through NAFTA

NAFTA provides for increased protection of intellectual property rights. You can rest assured that sensitive proprietary information is protected.

World class Talent

Guadalajara is known as the Silicon Valley of Mexico.  There are many excellent education institutions that guarantee a well trained workforce.  Combine that with a low employee attrition rate & strong government support for IT industry, including training subsidies, and you have the ideal location for your second team.

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iTexico is an Austin based nearshore technology company that provides businesses with full lifecycle mobile application services including architecture, experience design, mobile and web development, testing and quality assurance. iTexico complements existing teams with a delivery center in Guadalajara Mexico and on-site with specialized extended teams as a service (eTaaS). Our developers create cross-platform mobile apps using native iOS and Android technology, Appcelerator Titanium and Alloy, Xamarin and IBM Worklight. iTexico’s MobiAppCare specialists are experts at maintaining your mobile app up-to-date.