Mobile Testing for Quality Apps

Having a properly functioning mobile or web app is mandatory. To make that happen, you need a good mobile testing process that makes sure your app fulfills all your expectations and is free of defects and unexpected behaviors.

To find all the little bugs, you need a thorough analysis of the code, which can be a very complex process and can take a long time. That’s why you need the right team to do the testing.

What Can iTexico Do for You?

We offer testing for quality apps in different OS, from desktop to complex web apps for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and any web browser, and we use the best technologies such as Selenium Mobile, Calabash and Appium.

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Manual Test

Exploratory, Use-Case Based, Requirements Based, Functional, Static (Non-Functional)

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Test Automation

Functional, Graphical User Interface, Testing, Data-Driven

We've Got Certified Testers

iTexico’s Testing Team is supported by testers who have been certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), which is one of the most recognized software testing boards around the world.

Our group of ISTQB certified engineers ensures that the necessary documentation for the testing process is in place and offers suggestions for essential process and/or app improvements.

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