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Android How To: Run Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Apps on Genymotion

Titanium genymotion

Running Android Mobile Apps on an emulator is a horrible experience for mobile app developers. However, there are some solutions available that can definitely make this process more pleasant. Genymotion is definitely one of the best Android emulator out there in the market and so far one of the fastest and closest to the speed of an actual device.

Appcelerator in Mexico: Presence & Mobile Developers Expertise

appcelerator webinar

Mobile app development in Mexico is nothing new as discussed in this past post. There is a lot of talent and opportunities to take advantage, especially in the city of Guadalajara, which by the way, is considered to be the silicon valley of Mexico. With such great talent and a growing sector in the country, it’s natural that there is a need to find out and learn about the newest tools in the market.

Mobile App Tutorial: Writing an iOS Module for Appcelerator Titanium

Writing an iOS Module for Titanium

In spite of the many tutorials available on the web, I have found that many mobile app developers find it difficult to create a native iOS module for Appcelerator Titanium. So, I've decided to write this brief article to help you create an iOS module in only 10 minutes that you can include in any Titanium Alloy project.

Mobile App Tutorial: Backbone Models Database with Titanium Alloy

Backbone using titanium alloy

Since the Alloy plug-in release, Titanium development has been extremely simple and fast, in this tutorial I will show you how to implement a localdatabase with backbone models in 5 simple steps.

How to create an Android Module for a Titanium Mobile App– Part 1

andriod module b

In order to extend the functionality of the platform, required interactions with native modules are referred directly to the Android platform (Java).

Inside tiConfUS 2013 - Titanium Mobile Developers Conference

inside ticonf 2013

This past Friday was the first tiConf in the US, which took place in Baltimore.  This conference brought together not only the best domestic but also international representation of the most talented Titanium Mobile Developers. It was two days of amazing talks, workshops and even a party with great speakers, including Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator and Boydlee Pollentine, software developer expert in Titanium and founder of tiConf. iTexico as a sponsor and expert in Appcelerator Titanium was proud to be there with our peers in Baltimore, USA.

Webinar Recap: Nearshore Outsourcing Mobile App Development in Mexico

nearshore webinar recap

For the past few decades, Outsourcing has become a key element for businesses in the US and all over the world. Companies have been outsourcing to several locations since the second part of the 20th century, always looking for the right outsourcing experience that matches their business goals.

iTexico Sponsors IT and Computer Science Congress in Coahuila Mexico

IT and Computer Science Congress

The Technology Institute of Piedras Negras (ITPN), in the state of Coahuila Mexico, hosted the 4th Congress of IT and Computer Science from April 16th – 18th. During the event, many speakers presented topics regarding innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.  There were as well as several workshops taking place for those students that wanted to get hands-on experience with the latest technology in design and development.

HTML5 vs Native Mobile App Development: Webinar Slides & Video!

html5 vs native mobile app development propelics itexico webinar

It’s now clear that mobile is the path consumer markets are leaning towards to utilizing mobile apps as their preferred way to conduct e-commerce. According to a study by Gartner, 70% of customer interactions will originate from a mobile device by 2015. More and more organizations are realizing that mobile can significantly impact their core business operations and are transitioning to a mobile-based strategy.  Therefore, we partnered with Propelics to deliver our most recent webinar: "HTML5 vs Native Apps: Demystifying The Decision Making Process"

Mobile Development: Web App vs. Native App PART 2 - Hybrid Approach

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Note: To Learn more about Native vs HTML5, register to our Free Webinar

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