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What was discussed during the webinar

Hard data on why mobile is the present and future of technology and businesses

Important considerations when creating your mobile strategy

How to set up your team to build a world-class mobile application

What is next in mobile

Webinar: 7 Factors to Consider When Building Your Mobile Strategy

Watch the recording of the webinar to learn how to leverage you mobile project.

Who should watch this webinar?

Abhijeet Pradhan, Chief Technology Officer at iTexico and Jason Myers, B2B Business Development Consultant talked about what exactly makes a good mobile strategy sucessful and what you should do to have your business succeed in the mobile universe.

Entrepreneurs, Business and IT Professionals developing or wishing to develop a mobile or web application.


 Abhijeet Pradhan CTO iTexico Austin Nearshore Mobile Development

Jason myers circle


Abhijeet Pradhan , Chief Technology Officer @iTexico

Abhijeet is passionate about technology and its applications to everyday consumer and business life. He is convinced that we are at the beginning stages of a Mobile revolution. He was the CTO for a mobile marketing platform for small businesses and also co-founded Classof1, a leading online tutoring company.


Jason Myers , B2B Business Development Consultant @iTexico

Jason Myers is a B2B Business Development Consultant for growth companies. Over the past five years, he has been working with the Texas Entrepreneur Network to develop an entrepreneur eco-system through the web for early and mid-stage companies in Texas. With  expertise in marketing strategy and entrepreneur startups, Jason has consulted with many B2B companies on go-to-market and business development strategies.

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